Development Strategies

The Five-Lands Journey starts with understanding the new reality in which we all operate - the New Era of the Workplace.

Then, by navigating through the Five Lands and learning about each land's components, we can recognize those components that help us to succeed and those that we should develop in order to succeed in our new reality.

This page suggests simple development strategies to upskill ourselves


The Mindset Land


Nature or Nurture

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  • Remember that our brain changes with learning efforts,
    follow the research on brain plasticity.

  • Find opportunities to talk about your mindset.

  • Reflect upon one or two skills you did not have in the past and are now among your strengths. Try to think about the development process you went through, even if it took years to get there.

  • Demonstrate the willingness to learn and try new approaches.

  • Seek out and recognize on-the-job learning activities.

  • Learn one new thing every week.

  • Create opportunities to interact with and observe people that possess a deep belief regarding our ability to develop our talent and skills.

  • Find 10 quotes that provide a message that we can achieve our goals if we invest effort and keep going. 

  • Embrace the power of “NOT YET.”


Inner Compass

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  • Accept that mistakes happen and learn from them.

  • View failure in a different light – not as the opposite of
    successes but as a part of it.

  • Stop seeking approval from others.

  • Share your success stories and the “NOT YET" ones;
    emphasize the learning curve.

  • Value the journey over the end result.

  • Celebrate growth with others.

  • Find 5 quotes that provide the message that failure is part of the journey and think about the main messages a few minutes a day. For example:
    “You always pass failure on your way to success” (Mickey Rooney).

  • Give people around you the opportunity to “see you” –  The Real You.


Leaving the Comfort Zone

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  • Expand your own expertise by seeking work out of the comfort zone.

  • Start with baby steps.

  • Make challenge your new best friend.

  • Don’t be afraid of new experiments.

  • Look for new areas for self growth.

  • Revisit your greatest accomplishments.

  • Identify your negative self talk and make a list of all your negative
    thoughts. Try to replace each negative self talk with a positive self talk.

  • Make changes to your daily routine.

  • Get out of your natural environment and try to meet people from different countries, cultures, backgrounds, and nationalities.

  • Face your fears and don’t let them stop you.


Investing Effort

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  • Think about yourself as a student of life.

  • Put regular effort into your professional and personal development.

  • Start to perceive learning and development as an important part
    of your job.

  • Identify opportunities for self improvement

  • Expand your experience and capability by pursuing self development
    and opportunities to learn new things.

  • Seek and accept feedback about your performance in order to design
    and shape your personal development action plan.

  • Actively support others in learning and growing.

  • Proactively invest in personal development activities in order to stay ahead of the latest thinking.

  • Examine goals and aspirations regularly to determine ways to be better. Set  intermediary goals to facilitate reaching longer term goals.

The Artgineer Land

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The Right Hemisphere

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  • Pay attention to your dreams.

  • Be Curious, ask more questions in general, and when coming across a new topic.

  • Challenge the status quo.

  • Hold regular brainstorming sessions.

  • Creatively think about 20 things we can do with objects such as a book, a paperclip, a cup, a pen.

  • Create a personal vision and talk with your team members about their personal vision.

  • Encourage creativity and innovation in your working environment.

  • Adopt a positive approach to experimentation.

  • Propose realistic, relevant solutions and improvements to current practices.

  • Identify opportunities for change that will deliver competitive advantage and value for your career.

  • Connect your team's goals to the Organizational Vision and Strategy.

  • Use acknowledgment to energize and inspire others.

  • Empower your team members and provide them with the resources they need to accomplish their goals.

  • Provide recognition for innovative ideas.

  • Turn new ideas into actions.

  • Challenge the way your staff works.

  • Listen to new ideas and build upon them.

  • Provide the time and resources to develop and implement creative ideas.

  • Find one element or process that you want to improve or upgrade and do it.

  • Go for long walks in nature and listen to your quiet voice of intuition.

  • Look at people you meet for the first time and put yourself in their shoes.

  • Promote innovation as an approach to adding value and increasing competitive advantage for your business.


The Left Hemisphere

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  • Look for the facts and details.

  • Emphasize data over beliefs.

  • Challenge assumptions and validate information by asking simple questions.

  • Put enough time for preparation before important meetings or presentations.

  • Take time to identify the situation or problem as well as the factors that may influence it.

  • Break complicated tasks into smaller milestones.

  • Organize and schedule own workload to ensure effective delivery of work/projects.

  • Ask open ended questions about the situation you are dealing with and invest the time to follow up on these questions.

  • Pinpoint key information from the data that you receive.

  • Consider information received with the appropriate professional skepticism.

  • Set up procedures to monitor work progress and quality.

  • Try to look for what others have missed.

  • Use the ‘Reverse Engineering’ technique.

  • Make sure you know how to prioritize.

  • Do various types of puzzles, solve Sudoku.

  • Practice writing a story, a blog, or an article.


The EQ Land

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Emotional Self Awareness and Expression

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  • ABC