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The 5-Lands journey helps leaders and employees, acquire the Crucial Skills for their future personal success. It is connected to the Organization’s Story, Strategy and Culture. It is also Tailor-Made to various professions, industries, and organizations.
All the program’s skills are connected to the Leader’s ability to provide clients and employees with a Winning Value Proposition in the new VUCA world. Each participant gets an insightful Readiness Assessment Profile to the new reality we are all facing with. The organization gets the Organizational Readiness Assessment of all participants. A ‘Train the Trainer’ program is also possible.


A Readiness-Assessment Self-Assessment Questionnaire

Approximately one week before starting the workshop the participants will fill out a personal self-assessment questionnaire. It is designed to provide a clear and accurate view of where a group, as well as each participant within the group, stand regarding the skills required for success in the 21st century. The assessment is intended to capture the group's current profile in respect of 21st-century skills and to support the design of a tailor-made program. It is also required to create a sense of urgency and to connect the team

members to the process on a deeper level. The innovative questionnaire is composed of statements that were developed on the grounds of leading theory, research and practice in the fields presented in the 5-Lands model. Content validity of the statements was approved by experts in the fields of emotional intelligence, learning & development, leadership, and diversity.


A One-Day Workshop;
The 5-Lands Model

The workshop is uniquely designed to meet the new professional reality which is typified by complexity, multi-tasking, ambiguity, independence, interdependence, and collaboration. The group will be divided into three smaller work-group teams to explore the lands while learning how these lands can contribute to our personal and organizational value proposition.

It is aimed at:

  • Getting familiar with the theory of the 5-Lands Model, acquiring the language and creating a shared language.

  • Understanding the concepts and underlying skills required for leaders and employees in the new era of the workplace.

  • Understanding the relevance of the concepts behind the lands to the success of organizations in the new reality we are all facing.

  • Starting to develop the skills of the Five Lands.


Feedback Sessions

About one week after the workshop, each participant will get a one-hour personal feedback session face to face or via Skype. The feedback objectives are to assist employees and leaders and employees to reflect upon their 5 Lands profile (their strengths and their 'Next Jumps' – the areas for enrichment they choose to develop), to provide them with some insight for their personal journey and to create willingness and interest in engaging in personal development.

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Presenting the Group Profile

In case of applying the program for current workforce, aggregative reports and group profiles are also available. Following the processing of the questionnaires, feedback will be given at the group level. Description and analyses of the group’s profile will include points of strength, areas for enrichment, and their significance for the continued success of employees and leaders in the new era of the workplace Capturing the starting point for the group is a crucial benchmark for the continuous development of the group as well as that of each participant in the group. The 5 Lands group profile is aimed to map the group's ability:

  • To continue and succeed in the new era of the workplace.

  • To win the hearts and minds of leaders and employees and to inspire them.

  • To provide clients with a winning value proposition, and become their Trusted Advisors.

  • To become an organization of Artgineers, inventing and reinventing themselves.


Wrap-up Session;
From Theory to Practice

The participants get one month to create their project regarding the Five Lands. Each participant will have ten minutes to present her or his work and will receive a growth mindset feedback from their colleagues. The purpose of the meeting is to help the participants to use the knowledge acquired during the journey.


Additional services

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A One-Year Personalized Development Program

Based on the group profile and the strategy of the organization or the department, EQ-EL will provide a one-year tailor-made continuous development program which includes workshops, strategic development meetings, and one-on-one sessions. Each participant will keep a one-year personal Travel Diary to follow-up on self-development goals and KPIs. This personal development journey can also include 360-degree feedbacks.

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Pass it Forward – From Leaders to Team Members

Leaders who participate in the One-Year Personalized development program become the mentors of their team members or other leaders and employees. In this mentoring program, they support their mentees and help them develop the Five Lands skills and create a personal winning value proposition.


A Certification Training
Program (TTT)

EQ-EL provides a 5-day training and certification program to selected potential trainers in the organization who will support leaders and employees in developing the important skills for their personal and organizational continuous success. Such trainers will be selected among the organization's professionals from Learning & Development, HR or suitable leaders. At the end of the program, participants will be accredited to provide the 5 Lands program in their organizations. In this program,

the participants will learn how to provide the various steps of the program, including the first workshop, group profiles, one-on-one feedback sessions, and the one-year personalized development program.