Our Story

EQ-EL is a pioneer in the field of the Future of the Workplace and has more than 9 years of experience in helping leaders and employees from different industries Up-Skilling themselves and get ready for continues success in the everchanging environment, such as Healthcare, Professional Services, Banking, and Education.

All our Upskilling Programs are forward-looking and tailor-made to our client's industry, Strategy and Organizational Story. Our upskilling processes start with a Readiness Assessment Process that indicates, the individual, group and even organization level of readiness to the new era of the workplace.

In all our processes, we are accompanied by first-rate professionals and academics: Prof. Meshoulam - the new era of the workplace, Prof. Moyal, the world of engineers, Prof. Tadmor - the world of medicine and Dr. Dolev - the world of education. Our team is full of passion and eager to help individuals, organizations and the society at large to be ready for the New Era of the workplace and become the best version of itself.

Our Values

  • Humility and Lifelong Learning

  • Creativity and Innovation

  • Passionate About Our Clients

  • Quality and Integrity in Everything We Do

  • Thought Leaders in the New Era of the Workplace


Our Vision

  • To certified 1000 professionals from companies in different industries to lead the 5 Lands Program and upskill their leaders and employees.

  • To support our certified trainers from the business arena to provide pro-bono processes to support 100 nonprofit organizations and upskill 10,000 people.

Our Higher Purpose

​To work relentlessly, passionately, and purposefully​ to Upskill leaders, employees, and the society at large.

Higher purpose

Our Clients' Testimony

"Excellent – engaging and relevant. Clear – one of the most effective courses I've been on, especially given the amount of material covered in 8 hours."

"We were forced to use our creative brains… the format allowed everyone to be equals and therefore people were more honest and seemed happy to challenge thinking."

"The key aspect which I valued was the logical way in which the different themes of content were pulled together, allowing us to think holistically about how we can be more effective leaders."

"It was thought provoking and took me to places of thinking of how I can improve my management skills."

"I found that the workshop gave me the skills to enhance both my personal life and my work life forever."

"The combination of realistic role plays / group exercise and detailed discussions was critical in applying the concepts to my every day working and personal life."

"It has made me aware of the skills I need to improve."

"The workshop was very practically based with real life relevance to the workplace.""

Our alliances