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The 5-Lands
Development Program

The 5-Lands Model is a basis for people-centric programs that are applicable in various business cases in various industries.

The program includes workshops, a personal assessment questionnaire based on the model, personal feedback reports and group profiles, one-on-one feedback sessions, with a giveaway of the book (“Becoming the Leader of Tomorrow – A Five Lands Journey").

In the 4th industrial revolution, when people think of the skills gap, it is often about lacking technology-related skills.

However, we need another approach. We need to think about all the employability skills that employees need to obtain to be able to develop a winning personal value proposition.

It is all about the journey -
the future is not a fixed destination

The Value Proposition of 
the 5-Lands Program

  • An inclusive conceptual framework for the new era of the workplace skills.

  • Based on leading research and practice.

  • Can be measured personally and organizationally.

  • Set of skills that can be developed at any age and rank.

  • Tailor-made to various professions, industries, and organizations.

  • Could be applied in multiple business situations, addressing the need for upskilling in times of growth, and honored and valued separation in times of rightsizing.

  • Enables organizations to create a winning culture.

  • Personalized to any specific group and each participant within the group.

  • Connected to the future of the profession of our clients.

  • Tailor-made to the various departments of our clients' organizations.

  • Connected to the ability of leaders and employees to provide a winning value proposition to clients.

  • Contains a full package – a workshop, a one-on-one feedback session, a group profile, and a book (Becoming the Leader of Tomorrow – A Five Lands Journey).

  • Can become an in-house training program – selected staff can be trained to deliver it (cost-effective).

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Only the Leaders and the Employees
of Tomorrow
Will be Able to Create
the Organization of Tomorrow

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