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The 5-Lands Journey books are imaginary stories in which the protagonist, a classic talented professional named Michael, is forced to realize that the times are indeed changing, following a discouraging annual feedback meeting. In this meeting he is suddenly confronted with the reality that he must make a different kind of effort in order to maintain a successful career and help his organization achieve its goal. He is faced with the reality of the new era of the workplace - the fact that the skills that promoted him up to his current position will no longer work and that he should evolve from being a professional to being a leader.
We propose 3 versions of the book, targeting 3 different populations. The most updated version, in which Michael is an engineer, is also the most general and relevant to most professions. The two other versions apply more specifically to accountants or physicians.

Success In The New Era of the Workplace - A Five-Lands Journey

Success In The New Era of the Workplace 
A Five-Lands Journey

‘In all industries, CEOs and CHROs need to realize that the future of their organization depends mainly on their ability to attract, retain, and develop the right type of talents. Unfortunately, those who do not internalize this reality will find themselves irrelevant to their employees, as well as their customers. The Five-Lands Journey supports leaders in promoting the “critical abilities” of their workforce as they face the requirements imposed by disruptors, such as the need to assimilate cutting-edge technologies across the organization’s activities.’

Ayalla Reuven-Lelong

Riding the White Water Rapids - The Story of My Success at KPMG

Riding the White Water Rapids
The Story of My Success at KPMG

Our world is changing dramatically, and so is the professional services industry. In this new reality, if we wish to stay relevant and succeed in the market, we all need to acquire a different mindset as well as a new set of competencies and skills which are so necessary, not only to our future success but also in leading others to such success. With great talent, humor, and a fascinating narrative, Ayalla Reuven-Lelong has managed to combine the mindset and skills which are crucial for our personal and organizational success with the key messages of our KPMG Story. We all at KPMG have an exceptional opportunity to find ourselves in this fascinating book as the story is based on our challenges and organizational culture.
I highly recommend reading this book and embracing the wonderful ideas we all need to adopt in today’s rapidly changing world.

Jonathan Lavender
Global Chairman, KPMG Enterprise

Working on the Five Lands Model with Ayalla and her team was one of the most exciting and interesting processes I have been involved in during the recent years. We aimed to create an inclusive conceptual framework of skills for the new era of the workplace for leaders, managers, and employees, regardless of their area of expertise. We wanted to create a very practical model that every CEO, leader, and employee would be able to use, yet one based on profound research.

As a former executive, both in Israel and abroad, I see this model as a substantial contribution to the learning and development field. I have no doubt that anyone who understands that “standing still” is not an option anymore and wants to start to upskill themselves so they can succeed and enjoy their work and lives in this ever-changing reality, will find great value in this book.

Professor (Emeritus) Ilan Meshoulam

Former Head of School of Management at Haifa University, Israel.

‘The Story of My Success at KPMG’ is a great opportunity for us to absorb and learn how to build a winning and hard-to-copy culture, a task that is so crucial to our continued success. As leaders and employees, this book provides the first step on our personal and organizational journey of self-development.

Serban Toader

Former Senior Partner, KPMG Romania

Becoming the Physician of Tomorrow - A Five-Lands Journey to Success

Becoming the Physician of Tomorrow
A Five-Lands Journey to Success

‘I dedicate this book to the doctors who, day in and day out, understand that the patient in front of them is often in distress and yet, despite their heavy workload and the stress, do not merely look at their patients, but truly see them, listen to them and make them partners in the healing process.
To the healthcare professionals who succeed in fulfilling the role society has entrusted them with, to provide each and every patient with the best possible care in a complex and ever-changing world – the world of the 21st century – thank you’

Ayalla Reuven-Lelong, 2017

The medical world is changing at a faster and harder pace. Today, in order to be able to provide each patient with a personalized, compassionate, innovative, professional, and high-quality treatment, each one of us must embark on a journey that will take us beyond our comfort zone. The aim is to become as close as we can to being a ‘Whole Physician’: a physician who is humane, who uses medical technologies wisely, who is involved in research and innovation, who has high emotional intelligence, who is a skilled clinician and an excellent and inspiring teacher. 
As Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, I find great importance in embarking on this journey, as medicine is a profession acquired by apprenticeship, and until we doctors go through this journey successfully, we will not be able to fully assist our students in becoming the doctors of tomorrow. 
This book presents the changes our field is experiencing in simple, straightforward, and readable terms. Each and every one of us, doctors, can easily find himself or herself in the story and acquire new insights for our personal and professional development. 

Prof. Eliezer Shalev, 

Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the Technion Institute of Technology, 2017

In her inspiring book, Ayalla brings humanity, empathy, humility, modesty, passion, and love back into the center of medical practice. This book is a gift and of great value to all the people who take care of people.
Ayalla focuses on providing practical ways for the development of emotional intelligence within the medical staff - individuals and groups. By allowing self-compassion, interior looking, mirroring, and reflection, we can create the necessary routes towards the hearts and minds of our patients and colleagues. Thus, enabling us to provide the best- practice patient-centered medicine. 
This book is a gift and of grea
t value to all the people who take care of people.

Nisim Ifrach

MD, ICU Director, Meir Medical Center, Israel

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