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A One-Day Workshop:
"Success in the New Era of the Workplace, A 5-Lands Journey"

A one-day workshop in the spirit of the New Era of the Workplace. The participants are required to explore together and discover the Lands and the important messages for success on each Land, in a complex and ever-changing world. To do so, they must work together as a team, handle complexity and uncertainty and show creativity.

The workshop's objectives are:

  • To get familiar with the theory of the 5-Lands Model, acquire the language, and create a shared language.

  • To understand the concepts and underlying skills required for Leaders and employees in the New Era of the Workplace.

  • To understand the relevance of the concepts behind the lands to the success of organizations in the new reality we are all facing.

  • To start developing the skills of the Five Lands.


Following the 5-Lands Personal Readiness Assessment to The New Era of the Workplace One-On-One Feedback Meeting

Based on the questionnaire, about one week before the workshop, each participant will get a one-hour personal and discreet feedback session (one-on-one).
The feedback objectives are: 

  • To assist participants in understanding and reflecting upon their readiness profile (their strengths and their 'Next Jumps' – the areas for enrichment they choose to develop).

  • To provide them with some insights into their personal Upskilling Journey. 

  • To create willingness and interest in personal development and help them deliver a winning value proposition to their employees and customers.

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The New Era of the Workplace and the 5-Lands Journey
An Inspiring Lecture

A stimulating lecture on the New Era of the Workplace and how to continue to succeed, personally and professionally.
It is important to emphasize that the lecture is adapted to the audience and, if possible, to their profession as well - engineers, bankers, educators, human resources, etc.
The lecture covers the following topics:

  • The factors that created the New Era of the Workplace and its characteristics.

  • Changing the rules for personal and organizational success – what are the critical abilities to optimally deal with the newly created reality?

  • The Journey that we all have to embark on in order to remain relevant and prepare ourselves to deal optimally with the new reality.

  • What are the abilities and skills of the future that characterize each Land in the model, and how are they related to dealing optimally with a complex and ever-changing world?

  • Where does each Land meet us as professionals? And, what do we need in order to develop the abilities and skills that characterize it?

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Becoming the Mentor of my team: passing the 5-Lands Model from the Leaders to their teams 
Pass It Forward

In the New Era of the Workplace, the main role of Leaders is to prepare their teams for continued success and build a winning organizational culture based on the skills of the future.
After the group of Leaders went through an Upskilling program in which they deepened the skills of the future, received a personal and group readiness profile, and participated in several development workshops, they can
"Pass It Forward" – pass on what they learned to their employees.
Each participant will learn how to deliver 5 development sessions to his/her direct reports.
To do so successfully:

  • Each participant will receive a "kit" with all the tutoring materials – including presentations and a guiding booklet – adapted to the organization and the profession.

  • Once a month, for the following six months, EQel's trainers will meet the Leaders to help and support the team in the process.

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Personal and Group Upskilling Journeys
Development Playbooks

The Covid-19 crisis reinforced the understanding that everyone in the job market (or who intends to enter it) will have to prepare themselves for continued success in a dynamic and even more challenging market than it was before the crisis.

In the New Era of the Workplace, an Upskilling process must be personalized to each participant's readiness profile and to their personal and professional vision.

Following this, we expanded our work methodology (which until then consisted of one-on-one meetings with Leaders in the organization) and developed a work "kit" in the form of workbooks (playbooks) where each playbook is intended for the development of one of the model's components.

This part of the process, like the other elements of our processes, is also supported by a group process.

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Personal Readiness Assessment to The New Era of the Workplace
Also available Via App

About three weeks before the 5-Lands workshop, all participants will complete our personal self-assessment questionnaire. Most participants take 15-20 minutes to complete the questionnaire, and most are very curious about its results.
In addition to a web interface, the 5-Lands Questionnaire is also available via our App. In processes carried out through the App, participants can access their reports via the App (including a downloadable PDF).
The questionnaire was designed to capture each participant's personal profile (as well as the group's profile) regarding the skills required for success in the 21st century, and to support the design of personalized and group programs. The presentation of the questionnaire results was also designed to create a sense of urgency and connect team members to the process on a deeper level.
To this end, the questionnaire consists of statements developed on the grounds of leading theory, research, and practice in the fields presented in the 5-Lands model.
The questionnaire underwent a statistical validation process, and content validation of the statements (which was carried out by experts in the fields of Emotional Intelligence, Learning and Development, Leadership, and Diversity).
In addition, the face validity of this questionnaire is over 95%. That is, about 95% of the participants testify that the results of the questionnaire faithfully describe their readiness for the New Era of the Workplace.

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The group's readiness for the New Era of the Workplace
Group Profile

When designing an Executive Upskilling program in the New Era of the Workplace, it is important to design for each group an action plan that suits the group's members – according to the group's strengths and the areas in which the group should continue to develop.
An in-depth understanding and analysis of the group's profile can lead to significant insights at the group and individual levels. These insights are related to the ability of Leaders to continue to lead successfully in the new reality.
The group's readiness profile is designed to map the group members' abilities as Leaders:

  • To continue to succeed in the New Era of the Workplace

  • To provide the employees and customers with a winning Value Proposition and become their Trusted Advisors

  • To become a group of Artgineers who can reinvent themselves

  • To be a more "complete" person, both personally and professionally.

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5-Lands Journey Modules for Organizational Management Courses
The 5-Lands Leadership Program

As part of Leadership Programs in organizations, we recommend including a "Success in the New Era of the Workplace, A 5-Lands Journey" program.
In the New Era of the Workplace, the main role of Leaders is to prepare their employees for this new reality and to build an organizational culture where employees will arrive in the morning with enthusiasm and passion, wanting to do the best for themselves, the organization, and the customers.
The program includes a Kick-off workshop, receiving personal readiness feedback (one-on-one or through our App), and two or three development sessions, depending on the group's readiness profile (such as Leaving the
Comfort Zone, Emotional Self-Awareness, Higher Purpose, and Proactive Career Management).
At the end of the program, there will be a one-day summary meeting in which the participants will delve deeper into each component of the model and its
significance to Leadership.
The participants will also build an action plan to prepare their own teams to deal optimally with the challenges of the New Era of the Workplace. Each participant will receive a "kit"; that he can use with his direct reports to prepare them for continued success.

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Success in the New Era of the Workplace -  Leaders and Employees
Our Full Upskilling Journey

The New Era of the Workplace requires organizations to invest in their Leaders and employees and prepare them for continued success in a complex and ever-changing world.
Only Leaders who are ready for the new world will be able to help organizations achieve their vision and strategic goals.

The complete Upskilling Journey includes:
Introductory and Kick-off meetings: Familiarity with the organization, the strategy, and the local and global environment in which the organization operates. Adapting the program to the organization and participants. A kick-off meeting with the participants, filling out the questionnaire, and receiving personal feedback.
Development of new world abilities: a one-day Kick-off workshop, building a development plan based on the group profile, building personal development plans (including choosing a playbook for personal development), and
development sessions adapted to the profiles of the group.
Be the Leader of Tomorrow: two Leadership sessions - "How to be an Inspiring Leader in the New Era of the Workplace" and – "Pass It Forward."
Prepare my employees for tomorrow: each participant will hold 5 meetings with his/her employees in which he or she will take them on a 5-Lands Journey (including support of an EQel trainers).

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