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The 5-Land Model

Artgineer Land

The Leader as one who is both an engineer and an artist: critical and strategic thinker, analytical and methodological; yet also intuitive, visionary, creative, relationship driven and passionate about his area of expertise, clients and employees.

Mindset Land

The Leader as one who is a lifelong learner in 5 areas:

professional, emotional, technological, business, and leadership.

I - 21

The Leader as one who re-invents himself and develops a compelling and winning Value Proposition
(both for himself and for his team).


EQ Land

The Leader as one who understands his own emotional world, successfully manages his emotions and adapts to different situations. One who encourages change, solves problems, works in multicultural teams and is an inspiring leader. One who builds close relationships with his internal clients and becomes their Trusted Advisor.

Sustainability Land

The Leader as one who can succeed over time in the gushing white waters – who finds a deep purpose in his work, takes ownership over his career, connects with sponsors and mentors in order to learn and develop, positively frames a challenging reality (both for himself and his team) and understands that one has to maintain his own wellbeing.

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