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"Success in the New Era of the Workplace,
A 5-Lands Journey"

A One-Day Workshop:

A one-day workshop in the spirit of the New Era of the Workplace. The participants are required to explore together and discover the Lands and the important messages for success on each Land, in a complex and ever-changing world. To do so, they must work together as a team, handle complexity and uncertainty and show creativity.
The workshop objectives:

  • To get familiar with the theory of the 5-Lands Model, acquire the language, and create a shared language.

  • To understand the concepts and underlying skills required for Leaders and employees in the New Era of the Workplace.

  • To understand the relevance of the concepts behind the lands to the success of organizations in the new reality we are all facing.

  • To start developing the skills of the Five Lands.

About three weeks before the 5-Lands workshop, all participants will complete our personal self-assessment questionnaire. Most participants take 15-20 minutes to complete the questionnaire, and most are very curious about its results.
In addition to a web interface, the 5-Lands Questionnaire is also available via our App. In processes carried out through the App, participants can access their reports via the App (including a downloadable PDF).
The questionnaire was designed to capture each participant's personal profile (as well as the group's profile) regarding the skills required for success in the 21st century, and to support the design of personalized and group programs. The presentation of the questionnaire results was also designed to create a sense of urgency and connect team members to the process on a deeper level.
To this end, the questionnaire consists of statements developed on the grounds of leading theory, research, and practice in the fields presented in the 5-Lands model.
The questionnaire underwent a statistical validation process, and content validation of the statements (which was carried out by experts in the fields of Emotional Intelligence, Learning and Development, Leadership, and Diversity).
In addition, the face validity of this questionnaire is over 95%. That is, about 95% of the participants testify that the results of the questionnaire faithfully describe their readiness for the New Era of the Workplace.

Also available Via App

Personal Readiness Assessment to The New Era of the Workplace

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