The 5-lands model

The 5-Lands Model is an inclusive conceptual framework for the skills needed in the era of human-machine interaction.

It's a unique model which helps leaders and employees to acquire the various mindsets and skills necessary for current and future success in the new era of the workplace.

This model is based on numerous leading theories and up-to-date research on the plasticity of the brain, leadership, personal skills, change management, and the new era of the workplace.

It is also the result of 20 years of global experience and research, in-depth interviews with hundreds of leaders, C-suite members, and CEOs in various industries, and working with hundreds of leaders and employees.


The Outcome of the

5-Lands Journey

a lower dependency on market conditions and more control over our future, as individuals and as professionals.

The only way to make sure that we are going to have a good job tomorrow is to invest in ourselves today, to upskill ourselves and stay relevant.

This isn't a time
to sit back and wait.

This is a time to ACT.